Standard Male

Going to the Indian barber is like playing a good old game of Russian Roulette. You really never know what you're going to get.

For me its hard to convey what I want. "Bang, potong sikit saja"(Brother, cut a little only). Which I fear would be misunderstood as: Just leave a little hair on my scalp.

So, I decided that I will view my barber visits as the "oxen led into the slaughter house" moments. I say a little prayer, thanking God for haircuts being a luxury and all, and trust that God's grace will flow through my barber's hands.

My Indian Barber days are over now.

Tonight, I got my hair cut at Standard Male. Introduced by my cousin, this barber cuts with style, speaks English and vacuums hair residue.

The Barber/artist wasn't feeling well today. But admitted that he would've done more with the style if he was feeling better. I said I will return when my hair grows long again. And told him to get well by then.

The last time I had a good haircut - it was in Malacca. A unisex saloon, run by some Chinese-speaking people. My friend, a regular, and myself had our hair cut for RM 8 each. Two young ladies attempted my hair. First one, then the other. It was my first time getting my hair cut by women other than my mom (or headmistress). And I think it was their first time dealing with so much curly hair. Their effort - commendable. The hair cut - super.

I'm a standard male now. My sideburns are sharper. I have a slight mullet. And can now do spikes minus the curls. Will go back again to embrace another style.


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