Girls, Girls, Girls

I hate writers' block.

Especially when you want to communicate but really can't find anything to talk about. And then you resort to writing about relationships - which never fails to draw comments and crticism. Cheap and easy way out.

This morning, I jogged with Trish, Cheng Yee and Jess. It's really been a while since we caught up together. Looking forward to dining with them this Tuesday night.

While jogging today, Trish and I had a stimulating discussion about boys, girls and relationships. Her insights are always fresh and valuable. I was stimulated. Not that I haven't figured out the female spesies. But I was refreshed to be reminded how differently we all function.

Perhaps the part that really caught me off guard was about how ladies/women/females, tend to leave their options open even while in a dating relationship. "Someone else better could be the 'one'". The open ended apporoach, though not practised by all, seems to be a subtle way women respond in a relationship. Don't get me wrong, this may not be true for all ... ladies, you tell me.

Guys on the other hand, cocksure about his pursuit (or object of his pursuit), would go all out for her.

Ironically, after marriage, men and women are re-tuned. [This is purely by observation]. The women become extremely dedicated to their man/catch, never giving a second glance to an oncoming flirt. The men, however, broadens his definition of friendship with the opposite sex, grows a beer belly and contemplates a secret affair. Midlife crises and menopause aside, both are faced with the grave task of keeping love real.

Attraction happens all the time. Marriage isn't a firewall to extra-marital attraction. You'll always be attracted to others who have traits you wish your spouse had. But hey, who's got it all. And it's not a reason to call the marriage quits. If your concept of love is hinged to elusive emotions, I beg you to wake up. A healthy relationship has to be more than feelings. Commitment is bedrock.

Okay, I've taken the easy way out. I just had to. If you're wondering about the connection between the photos, post and title ... there really isn't any. Just thought I'd expose a little more of myself. Cheers!


Sush said…
oooh i also would like to know who 'she' is. :) what trish said, its not the same for all girls lah. haha. different people have different views on life, love and relationships. just depends what your take is.
Seki said…
HAHA! The predictable unpredictability... =p make sense? Of course it does! =p Go figure... hahaha!

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