Kelana Idol 2006

I really love Malay Songs.

Last night I had the opportunity to play in the back up band for 10 finalists of Kelana Idol. It's refreshing playing with people who know music and you can work with. Musicians can be difficult to work with. The few nights of practices and yesterday's competition made me rekindle my love for playing as a band. And, my personal satisfaction - playing Malay songs. [Cheers to you Berry and Amie]

The Kelana Idol was a blast. Out of ten, two sang English songs. The other eight were a mix of upbeat and slow songs. All had talent in more than one way.

The three judges exactly resembled Paula, Simon and Randy from American Idol. The judges last night were local artistes: Elvira Arul (Paula), Chris Leow (Simon) and Liang (Randy). Elvira is a vocalist, song composer and sings back up for Reshmonu. Chris is a coordinator for Oops Asia who currently hold Altered Frequency, Juwita Suwito, Patrick Leong and Liang's recording contract. Liang is the latest R&B buzz in town. His video and hit single are on the air.

Well, hope to be a part of it more. Next year, you can sign up and sing along.


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