Office Visits

Jess, Cheng Yee and I have been hanging out quite a bit lately. We've been spending quality time over lunch at each other's office. Today, Jess and I paid CY a visit at his office where his department ran an open day for their centre's launch. CY was the video-cam boy, capturing every moment of the event. I'm quite sure that 3/4 of his video cam's disk space contains close-ups of insurance agent babes (if they exist). Adorned in a black jacket, blue shirt and tie, Cheng Yee did his thing. Finally, Cheng Yee's first movie. Yippee!!

Office visits are fun. I like it when my closests friends drop by my office just to chill, and sometimes help me complete work. It's also interesting to have your friends meet your bosses and colleagues. Jess and CY are sometimes characters in my office dialogues between boss and colleagues.

Oh well.. time to sign off. The weekend's here!



Anonymous said…
We're the smaller version of that Nis & Trish are not M'sia. hehe..had great fun hanging out with u 2..gosh, I think I'm getting to understand guys better, LOL :P

Your pal,
raindropp said…
Hey just cos I'm not around physically doesn't mean I'm not there in spirit!!! *indignantly shaking head* Anyway I've been missing you guys the past week or so, thinking about our good times. :) Just a small note to say DON'T FORGET ME! (no way of that happening I suppose)

Anonymous said…
opps..sorry, forgot to add the word 'now' cos with u & Nis we're the complete set :P anyways, u're always close to heart & I talk abt u all the time whenever I'm with the yths, CCFers & our gang..hehe, esp more when I make a blooper & wish u were here to laugh with me =) missing you loads! take care girl
Anonymous said…
Friends, huh? So who's who?
Anonymous said…
let's see..

Phoebe - Trish (musically inclined tho plays way better,dreamy,quirky)

Rachel - Nis (sweet,fashionable,naive)

Monica - me (a lil obsessive perfectionist,enough said)

Chandler - Cheng Yee (corporate guy,one liners sort of person,attracts gals who stalks)

Joey - Kev (charming with the gals,of different race,artistic side)

Ross - Jer (intelligent, tall,dry humour)

hehehe... ;p
twentyfivecents said…
"How you doin'?"
Anonymous said…
LOL! What a funky crew.

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