The Virgin Birth of Erik

This Renaissance-like composition depicts the sanctity of life and
the complexities of one's journey towards death in a game of Twister.
Erik, the gentleman emerging from between my legs, was in a tight spot while the other participant reached to find his footing. The girls were messing with our anatomy by dictating our positions without following the results of the spinwheel. The spinwheel was supposed to have indicated our actual position.
Girls just wanna have fun? Hmm... I smell a rematch.
On second thought, the picture should be titled "The birth of Esau and Jacob."


daenielle said…
Hehehe...I remember this game of Twister. It was hilarious. You guys did a good job though.
sel said…
ohhh... wht tight arse u guys have there. lol~ cant wait to play once again! will play by the rules this time.
Anonymous said…
eh eh...malu lah!! It was really really tight down there man!! not to mention,i had to sqeeze my way thru. Cis...we got fooled by the girls Kev! they all main cheat mode haha. But it was all super fun! Let's have another round sometime soon! CheeriOz!
sel said…
psst... kev, i think he meant tht he loves to b underneath u.. *runs for cover*
Anonymous said…
ei ei...too much ni! hahah *looks around for selena*
sel said…
stop spamming! *throws rocks*
kev said…
haha.. nice to see you guys play catching on my blog... *scratches armpit*

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